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Peter Green - with a reputation of being one of the finest Tour Hosts and Historians on both side of Niagara Falls, Peter is considered among the elite Tour Hosts working today.  With an extensive repertoire and a great sense of humor Peter will make any experience memorable!

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Niagara Falls (USA & Canada)
Buffalo - Architecture & Achievement
Erie Canal - hosted by founder Gov. Dewitt Clinton!
Niagara Wineries (Niagara Region both US and Canadian)
Underground Railroad Experience
Women's Rights in America

...and many more, all customized for your group!

Roadtrip Niagara can plan and host your entire experience in Niagara. As your receptive operator we can handle every aspect of your tour or event, including Conference and Convention services.  Contact us to learn more about how we can create a unique and exciting event from any situation.

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Roadtrip Niagara includes a variety of specialty Tour

experiences delivered by our highly-skilled Step-on Guides.  We can provide a complete package including transportation or just a Step-on Guide to bring your experience alive

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Student Tour Products

Roadtrip presents a range of student-friendly tour experiences and all of our tours connect with disciplines such as History, Geography, Science and Geology.  We can create a one-day or multi-day experience for your Student or Youth Group to discover so much more about any of our Tour themes.  Contact us for information and a sample itinerary

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